Biography of Prof. Jun Tang

Name: Jun Tang(汤。                          



Prof. Jun Tang has a Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Wuhan University of Technology. He also worked as Post Doctoral Scholar of Economics inFudanUniversity, which is located inShanghai, also is ranked the third among all universities in mainlandChina. He is currently a professor of Information School, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, a university belongs to China Department of Education, and an appointed researcher of China Center for Anti-Money Laundering Studies at Fudan University.


Prof. Jun Tang has been focusing on the AML/CFT compliance area since the year 2003. His research interests include behavior pattern recognition and suspicious financial transaction surveillance, the evolution of international standards for AML/CFT compliance, the characteristics of AML/CFT regulations in transition countries, risk-based AML regulation on internet payment services, etc. He has been keeping tight co-operations with the AML competent authorities inChina, including the Central Bank, and the Police Department, etc. He has done a lot of consultant jobs among financial institutions in mainlandChina.



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Research Projects

1. A Study on Suspicious Financial Transaction Surveillance System Based on Behavior Pattern Recognition, a National Social Sciences Fund project, 2009

2. A Study on Large Value and Unusual Financial Transaction Discriminative Techniques Based on Data Mining, a National Natural Sciences Fund project, 2008

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4. Characteristics of AML in Central China Areas, a project co-operated with the People Bank ofChina, 2007

5. A Comparative Study of AML Regulations and Enforcement betweenChinaand Western Countries, a project co-operated with the People Bank ofChina, 2006