Safety Engineering

The professional is training the applications and complex high-level expertise. They should adapt to the social and economic development, and master the theoretical knowledge of Safety Science and Technology and Safety Engineering, with the basic skills of Registered Safety Engineer and Registered Safety Evaluation Division, and engage in job of security research, security technology engineering, security monitoring and management, security design and consulting, safety assessment, safety education and so on.

This feature of the professional is relying on our school’ economics, law, management and other advantages disciplines, pay attention to cross and integration of the discipline, safety engineering and safety management for the research, combine the industry, academia and research, form professional characteristics of security economics and management, safety engineering and technology.

Graduates should meet the requirements:

1.      Has good political and ideological quality, moral, legal awareness and realistic and innovative spirit.

2.      Master security technology, basic theory related to safety management, basic knowledge and basic skills.

3.      With the capabilities of engineering drawing, computer-aided design and computer for data processing and analysis.

4.      Understand forefront and the development of safety engineering.

5.      Proficiency in a foreign language, strong skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation.

Mandarin reach the level of state standards.