Computer Science and Technology

In the background of the socialist market economy, the professional goal is training Information technology professionals. They not only have a solid foundation of knowledge and strong practical ability, but also should have good scientific literacy, innovation and teamwork. They will be trained to be talented person who mainly engage in financial, political and legal fields, and take into account other areas of applied research, project development and technical management in computer science and technology.

The professional rely on subjects’ strengths of our school of economics, law, and management and so on. In computer science and technology as the main content, minor in economics, law, and management knowledge. Students systematically learn basic knowledge, basic theory and practical technology of computer science and technology, and basic knowledge and theories from other disciplines, such as economics, law and management. They need to accept the training of Computer Applied Systems Analysis and Development and management skills, and also have a comprehensive ability to use knowledge to analyze and solve practical problems they have learned.