Information Management and Information System

This major aims at training inter-disciplinary people with the basic knowledge of economic,management and law, who master the theory,method,technology and tools of the modern information technology.These people are encouraged to be the one who have a strong capability of developing and managing information systems, and are able to work in the enterprises, government departments and research institutes for developing ,managing and checking the information data.The person also are supposed to trained to do some teaching and researching work.

This major reflects the characteristics of the cross-penetration of computer science,management and economics, which is based on the advantage of economics, management, law, literature, philosophy and science.It focuses on the development and management of information system whose trait is advance,practicability and pliability.

The students of this major study the basic theory and knowledge of computer science, developing and managing information system, economics and management, quantitative analysis.And it will be trained systematically in the field of development and management of information system,so as to gain the great ability of analyzing and designing and managing the information system.