Environmental Engineering

To meet our country 21st century sustainable development need, this major raises all-around development of morality,intelligence and physique.It also need a solid foundation of knowledge and strong professional ability, but also innovative ideology and development spirit. We train the applicant and inter-disciplinary talent people to have the related theory knowledge about the environment examination, the environment management, the environment economy, the environment pollution government, the environment safety and the ability to scientific research ,who can be engaged in the plan, the design, the movement, the management, the application as well as scientific research in the government department, the plan department, the economic section, the energy section, the industry and mining enterprise, universities or colleges and so on.


This major’s characteristics are grasping not only pollution control of“three wastes”, the elementary theory and the method at the same time of enhancement technology basic course,to own the preliminary abilities to the environment plan, professional health management, environment examination and evaluation,but also the economy, law and management.

   The study and the training of this major plan, student will basically achieved the following requests:

       1, to have the good political quality, the moral character, the law realizes and innovation spirit;

       2,to grasp this specialty essential natural sciences elementary knowledge, and have the elementary theory knowledge of economic, the legal science, the management science elementary theory;

       3, to grasp elementary knowledge,such as environment government, environment plan, professional health management, environment examination, environment quality appraisal, familiar environment laws and regulations;

       4, to have the knowledge and abilities to use technology method for environment engineering design, research, examination and appraisal in the governmental agency, the enterprises and institutions, the university and the scientific research courtyard;

       5, to have the abilities to deal with the data analysis with using modern technology such as computer aided design;

       6, to grasp a foreign language, including listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation;to use computer technology expertly ;

   7,to have the ability to gain information, renewal knowledge by oneself and the innovative ideology;to have certain ability to scientific research and practical work ;

       8, to grasp Mandarin by China’s prescribed standard.